RIS3 Innovation Maps

Data Gathering

Upload and analyse data from private sector's R&D and innovation grant applications at both national and regional levels. Uncover bottom-up information about new emerging business and technology trends as perceived by the private sector and ultimately identify key priorities for business innovation spending.

Upload a file to be inserted into the current online spreadsheet to be processed and visualised among other data sources. Download Template / Demo. File

Select classified sample data from GtR(UK) and Tekes(FI).

Data Cleansing and Classification

Classify projects by business area and technology trend.
Note: the use of standard classifications is encouraged to allow for cross-regional and cross-country comparisons although custom classifications are also supported.

Records per Page

Policy Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Analysis

Make use of visualisations to inform the smart specialisation process based on up-to-date, bottom-up private sector data.